Celriver legacy project

We're excited for the Celriver Legacy Project to be the beneficiary for the 5th Annual Tawba Fest!

The Celriver Legacy Project has been developed with a mission to preserve the legacy of the Celanese Celriver facility, the people who worked there, and their significant contributions to the history and economy of the community.

The goals of the Project are to:

  • Establish a permanent environmental artwork in the form of a plaza, interpretive signage panels, and a SC Historical Marker at the site of the former plant. The plaza will honor those “heroes” of economic success arising from Celriver.
  • Fund college scholarship(s) to continue in the 21st century the community support made possible by the workers at the Celriver Plant.

These goals will capture the plant history for the larger community and maintain a sense of pride for citizens of the area – new and old – and residents of Riverwalk.