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5:00 pm to 5:45pm

Kelsey Ryan is a country singer-songwriter whose storytelling and visceral emotion give you something real. Raw sincerity mixed with pure sass, Ryan’s music harkens the legacy of tough-as-nails country women.



6:00pm to 9:00pm

Todd Johnson & The revolvers 

Todd Johnson has been a professional player in many bands in North Carolina, most notably Sentenza and the Megan Doss Band. Both groups toured the east coast and had a successful regional following in the North Carolina area as well as songs played on many FM and online radio stations. When playing, Todd uses his signature style to enhance the song, while keeping the familiarity of the riffs, bass lines and lyrics we all know with respect. Having many years of recording experience as well, Todd has become a notable local recording engineer in the North Carolina area, working with groups such as The Ends, Alter Ego: Hero, Fight for a Pacifist, and many others. Todd also produced and engineered his debut solo album Nowhere To Go but Up and Sentenza’s Debut Release.


The concept behind Todd Johnson & The Revolvers is one of just
that….revolving. Having the best band for each show. Bringing either
the big energy of a full band that will play for hours rotating through
action packed songs, or an intimate roundabout of a stripped down group
that hits the mark. Made up of experienced musicians that you may not see
more than once. The lead role of the band remains the same but the
supporting characters will change.

Bringing all the energy a band can provide, Todd Johnson and the Revolvers
works in the same way as Bruce Springsteen and the E Street band, or Tom
Petty and the Heartbreakers do: play a concert you will never forget, and
have a cast of characters on a stage that hit every song into the
stratosphere. If you are a fan of unforgettable shows, big songs to shout
and dance along to, and an arena sized performance, Todd Johnson and the
Revolvers are for you!

Todd Johnson has been a professional musician and band leader in the
Southeast for over a decade. Either with touring acts from Georgia to
Nashville or with his own acts from North Carolina up the eastern seaboard
to New York, Todd knows how to lead a show and bring the right band to the
event. Also being an accomplished songwriter with his releases being
featured on FM and online radio, Todd Johnson has continued to gain
traction with original releases and releases of the fan favorites from
other artists.

The Revolvers are the great cast of a show that puts these live
performances through the roof, and makes every show unique. Usually
consisting of dancing drums, thunderous guitars and big keyboards, the
great thing about the Revolvers is the pros who sit in!